Beacon Road, Pirehill, Stone ST15 0NN


Situated in the county of Staffordshire, 8 miles north of Stafford and 6 miles south of Stoke-on-Trent, the site is located in the market town of Stone. The site is situated on the corner of Beacon Road and Brooms Road. Access to the site is via the recycling centre.

The site sits next to FCC Environment, the local recycling centre. The occupiers located directly opposite are Back 2 Back Gymnastics and Dunoon, a ceramics producer.

Estimated Travel Times


  • Stone to Stoke on Trent: 15m
  • Stone to Stafford: 15m
  • Stone to London: 1h55m



  • Stone Business Park to Stone train Station: 6m
  • Stone Business Park to Stoke-on-Trent: 22m
  • Stone Business Park to Birmingham: 50m
  • Stone Business Park to London: 3h


HGV Travel Times - Ports

  • Stone to Liverpool: 2h15m
  • Stone to Bristol: 3h10m
  • Stone to Felixstowe: 5h45m
  • Stone to Folkestone/Harwich: 6h40m
  • Hull/Immingham Dock: 4h
  • Southampton: 5h15m


HGV Travel Times – Airports

  • Stone to East Midlands Airport: 1h30m
  • Stone to Manchester Airport: 1h30m
  • Stone to Liverpool (John Lennon Airport): 2h5m
  • Stone to Chester Hawarden Airport: 2h15m


Agents for this property

Jamie Kelly
Direct Dial: 020 7062 3081
Mobile: 07788 362180

Caroline Penn-Smith
Direct Dial: 0121 306 0376
Mobile: 07342 067831